Recipe of Pretzel buns Step by Step

The Recipe For Making Pretzel buns. You only need one recipe for German pretzel buns, and this is it. Blogger Meike Peters, of the acclaimed Eat in My Kitchen, has a new cookbook out filled with her favorite recipes. Yeast buns that taste and look like soft pretzels!

Pretzel buns These pretzel rolls are like a German pretzel and can be used like buns for a hamburger or They're reminiscent of a soft pretzel but in a more versatile shape so you can smother with butter, stuff with. Easy homemade Pretzel Buns are super soft and chewy! German pretzel buns are super easy to make. You can make Pretzel buns using 7 ingredients in 7 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Pretzel buns

  1. Mix 300 g of bread flour.
  2. Mix 3 g of instant dry yeast.
  3. Fill 6 g of salt.
  4. Insert 15 g of sugar.
  5. Insert 170 g of warm water.
  6. Mix 750 g of water for boiling.
  7. Mix 35 g of baking soda.

This is my German pretzel bun recipe, and I really think you should try it. The crust is dark and chewy and the crumb is light and fluffy. These pretzel buns are deliciously fluffy and soft and can be the perfect body for any sandwich, burger or sliders. So, the upcoming week is going to be full of activities and there is just so much happening.

Quick Step To Make Pretzel buns

  1. Mix flour, yeast, salt, sugar, water(170g) in a bowl.(when placing salt and yeast, keep them away from touching, otherwise the yeast won’t do it work!).
  2. Knead it on a surface until it forms into a soft dough..
  3. Cut the dough into 8 circles and let it rest for 10min under a wet towel/kitchen paper..
  4. Preheat the oven to 200c°(392F°)..
  5. Add water(750g) in a pot and when it boils, add baking soda and lower the heat a little..
  6. When the dough is done resting, punch nicely to let the air out. Roll back the dough into a circle and put them in heated water(step 4) for 30 sec on each side..
  7. Sprinkle some salt and cut plus sign on top of a dough with a sharp knife. Bake for 25 min in a preheated oven..

This easy recipe for chewy, flavorful pretzel buns will wow the entire family. These pretzel buns are soft and pretzel-y. The slightly bitter shiny smooth outside crust (a product of first boiling the dough in an alkaline solution made of water and baking soda) and soft fluffy inside. Prezel buns are a great substitute for your traditional burger or sandwich buns. They are a little more substantial than the Add to Meal Planner. That's how to make Pretzel buns Recipe.

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